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Catch a breath in lido

Besides being so close to Venice, the island of Lido has always acted as a link with the long chain of islands dividing the Adriatic Sea from the Lagoon: it is a narrow strip of land squeezed between two different water systems, making the island an excellent, healthful place to stay.
During his sojourns in Venice in the 1820, Lord Byron would come to the Lido as often as possible—just as many other poets and writers have done so over the centuries (T. Mann’s 1912 novel, “A death in Venice”, was set in a famous island hotel).
The island is a wonderful break from the crowds in Venice – a bit of serenity to return to after a day of slogging through the sensory overload of Venetian streets. Lido offers open space, fresh air and a relaxing change of scenery.

Stately Italian villas, built in the early of 1900s (such as Hotel Stella), are showcased along tree-lined boulevards. With its 12km beach extending along the length of the island ‘s seashore, Lido is actually the least crowded coastal resort of the Adriatic. This makes it therefore the best place for those who wish to enjoy a relaxed holiday atmosphere.
Visitors eager to spend a day exploring these magical sites are advised to hire a bicycle.

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